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Aurele Vandeputte after silver at the Belgian Championship 800m: “It looked like war”

At the Belgian championship in all categories in Brussels, the West Flemish athletes did very well. Aurele Vandeputte (HAC) took silver in the 800m and was one of the stars. With a chrono of 1.48.79 he only had to beat top favorite Elliott Crestan. “The logic was respected, but I am very happy with the race I ran,” he says.

Aurele Vandeputte (26) has made a huge leap forward as an athlete in recent months. He already improved his personal best in the 800m from 1.47.24 to 1.45.98 this season in two steps and he is also coming into his own in tactical competitions. Sunday in Brussels was a typical championship match with a lot of pushing and pulling. “Today it was very bad. It was like war,” said the Houtlander. “Pieter Sisk pulled on my shirt several times and it was really good to watch not to fall.”

“In the end I think I ran a good race and made few mistakes. I followed closely at the front and at a certain point I was also able to make my move.”

Yet it was not enough to outwit top favorite Elliott Crestan. The Oostkampenaar finished second in 1.48.79 at 34 hundredths of the strong Waal. “The logic was respected, but I didn’t make it easy for him.”

At 200m from the finish, Crestan made a small gap, which Vandeputte was unable to make up. “I was just as fast and I didn’t lose any more ground, but to really have a chance of winning I should have been first into the last corner. It’s in the details, but anyway you have to be very strong to beat Crestan to a championship.”

The KBC Night of Athletics in Heusden will follow next weekend for Vandeputte. A match that is also marked with a dot in his agenda. “My season can’t go wrong with a personal best of 1.45.98 and with this silver medal. Anyway, we’ll see what I’m capable of in the coming weeks,” he concludes.

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