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Lilly Kaden in WDR broadcast in focus

Sprinter Lilly Kaden (LG Olympia Dortmund) will be competing in the national team jersey for the first time at the U23 European Championships in Tallinn (Estonia, July 15 to 18). Shortly before her big appearance, a camera team from WDR visited the 19-year-old. The report has now been broadcast on the program “ Local time from Dortmund” . In it, Lilly Kaden talks about her goals in Tallinn, her riding accident from last year and possible future careers.

Marvin Bollinger with 7,777 points

Schnapps number for Marvin Bollinger (SV Halle): The 24-year-old completed a strong decathlon last weekend and finished the Saarland all-around championships in Püttlingen with 7,777 points. He catapulted himself into the top ten of the German annual best list and now ranks seventh there.

Open letter for equality in sports reporting

The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) drew attention to the discrimination of female athletes compared to their male colleagues in sports reporting in an open letter to the Federal Association of Digital Publishers and Newspaper Publishers, the ARD Chairmanship, the ZDF Intendants and the Association of Private Media on Wednesday encouraged balanced and equal sports reporting. The letter says, among other things: “Regardless of the performance of female athletes, the content of (sports) media is still dominated by male sports.” This disadvantage has far-reaching consequences, including lower advertising income young women in sport. pm

U23-EM: DLV publishes team brochure

From Thursday, the DLV aces will go on a hunt for medals at the U23 European Championships in Tallinn (Estonia, July 8th to 11th). Just in time for the start of the junior championships, the DLV published the official team brochure for the event. Among other things, all German starters are stored there with a profile. To the brochure.

After joint consumption: Sha’Carri Richardson not in the US Olympic squad

The US sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson is banned from participating in the Olympics after consuming cannabis. The US Athletics Association decided not to nominate the 21-year-olds on Tuesday, thereby denying them the theoretical opportunity to compete in the relay race after their 30-day ban in Tokyo (Japan) had expired. Richardson had won the 100-meter race in the eliminations in Oregon on June 19, securing a place in the US Olympic squad. Because the gold candidate then tested positive for the substance THC contained in marijuana, her success at the trials in Eugene was canceled and she was suspended for 30 days. dpa

Because of the pandemic: Japanese should stay at home at the Olympic marathon

Japan’s Olympic organizers have called on citizens not to watch the marathon and walking competitions at the Olympic Games from the side of the road. The Olympic makers justified this on Tuesday with the current corona infection situation. The number of infections has recently increased again. Therefore, it was decided to call on the public not to watch the competitions in Sapporo on Japan’s northernmost main island Hokkaido along the routes.

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