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How much does an athlete earn in Spain: this is the salary and working conditions

An athlete who wants to reach the professional category and compete in relevant tournaments must prepare from a young age, and dedicate a number of hours to training that sometimes exceeds the duration of a working day .

This is where federations come into play . Not only the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation , which is the highest body in this discipline, but also the regional venues.

It depends on the autonomous community in which you live, you must go to one or another federation. Here you have a list of all those that exist and how to contact them in every city, as there are provincial and local organizations.

The functions of these bodies include different points: promoting and facilitating sports practice, coordinating, supervising and supervising the work of federated athletes, organizing competitions and designing preparation plans for high-level athletes.

If you manage to become a professional athlete and belong to one of the federations in Spain, you will earn one of the salaries shown below.

Salary of an athlete

It is not easy to detail the salary of an athlete, since it depends on the level of competition they reach , the possibility of receiving scholarships from the federation or whether or not they have sponsors.

According to El Confidencial , the option of placing brands as advertising on shirts is usually a source of funding for athletes.

However, it is the high-level athletes who manage to attract the majority of sponsors , or in any case those athletes who work well on social networks and personal image.

Another point to take into account is the aid or scholarship system of the Spanish Athletics Federation , which you can consult in this document . To access the aid you must be in possession of a federative license, have Spanish nationality, be under the tutelage of a licensed coach and participate in national athletics championships.

Not only do the scholarships include a financial amount, but the athletes will enjoy medical services, nutritional assistance and individualized support to improve their performance.

How Much Elite Athletes Earn

In Spain there are more than 85,000 federated athletes, according to government data . Of all of them, 47,000 are men and 38,000 women . The federation with the most athletes is that of Catalonia: around 13,600 officially licensed athletes.

Those athletes who manage to reach the highest levels in the world do end up attracting the interest of sponsors and accumulating a fortune that is out of the ordinary , this is the case of Usain Bolt.

The Jamaican broker, already retired, has a fortune of 34 million dollars, approximately 30 million euros at the change , according to Expansión .

Another successful athlete, swimmer Michael Phelps, has $ 55 million , about € 50 million , thanks mostly to sponsors.

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