6 Reasons Coaches Earn Their Dryland Training Certification with SURGE Strength

Earning a dryland training certification can greatly help your overall swim team’s performance. Now is as good of a time as any to raise the standard of your team’s dryland training program.

When you become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC) you’ll receive access to over 200 lessons in strength training from a swimmer centric focus. You’ll be joining hundreds of other coaches, representing over 30 countries around the world who are building better athletes and generating faster swimmers as a result.


Open Enrollment to Become SSDC only happens a few times a year, so take this opportunity for your swimmers’ benefit!

Here are the top six reasons from coaches enrolling to Become SSDC as to why they decided to make the commitment in earning their dryland training certification:


#1 – Gain More Knowledge By Earning Your Dryland Training Certification

This may seem like an obvious answer from most coaches after they enroll to Become SSDC but there’s more to it than it appears. Every coach can probably agree that they’d like to learn more about dryland training for swimmers. The issue is how they go about that process.

If you leave it up to luck, hoping that as you scroll through Instagram or go down YouTube rabbit holes, you’ll probably pick up a few new things but that doesn’t give you the bigger picture.

We’ve created the SURGE Strength Dryland Certification Curriculum to not only follow, but to walk you through the process of dryland training in a systematic way. Because of this, you can work through the curriculum in as little as 45 minutes a day and you’ll have completed it in less than a month’s time! We have even seen coaches complete the course in about a week!



#2 – Build a Better Dryland Program with a Dryland Training Certification

When you Become SSDC and earn your dryland training certification, it not only gives you more knowledge about the subject, but more importantly, you will also learn a systematic approach that shows you how everything in a dryland program connects to produce a better result.

Learning a new exercise is great but if you don’t have a system to plug it into, it is much less helpful to your athletes. Just like in your swim training you probably take time to create a season plan. In doing so you look back at what worked last season and what you’d like to add or change going into the new season.

Most coaches can create a plan fairly well for the water training. But when it comes to dryland, many coaches don’t have a solid system or even know how to organize their thoughts around creating a season plan.

This is when earning your SSDC credential is about so much more than letters you can add to your resume or bio. Becoming SSDC gives you the framework to continually improve and create the best dryland program for your swimmers and for unique circumstances.



#3 – Prevent and Reduce Swimmers’ Injuries

A swimmer that’s injured and unable to practice loses valuable training time needed for the swimmer’s improvement to occur. This is one of the main reasons you should have a quality dryland program. A quality program keeps your swimmers strong and able to recover better for more consistent and intense training.

The problem is that if you don’t have a systematic approach to your dryland program, the risk greatly increases for some of your swimmers to be injured, specifically while doing dryland.

Dryland training is much more intense and technically demanding than swimming. This is because, unlike swimming, if you make one wrong rep with a barbell, it can end very badly. However, that doesn’t mean you should completely avoid dryland or strength training!

Instead, you need an approach that focuses on injury prevention first, specifically for a swimmer’s body type and training style followed by dryland training to actually improve the swimmer’s performance in the water. You’ll then see exactly what this process looks like as you Become SSDC.



#4 – More Effectively Coach Athletes of Different Abilities

Most coaches are working with a group of athletes that is big enough to where all of the athletes are not on the same physical performance level. Some may be able to do double digit pull-ups. While others may not even be able to hang on the pull-up bar for more than a few seconds.

There’s nothing wrong with having athletes on separate performance levels and will probably always be part of the reality of being a coach. The best way to allow your athletes to improve is to have a dryland program that meets them at their current ability.

This doesn’t mean that you need to write 30 different dryland workouts for 30 different athletes. But when you earn your dryland training certification through SURGE Strength, you’ll see how just a few slight changes and have a dramatically positive effect for your athletes’ ability to improve.



#5 – Be Able to Implement Movement Assessments

Along with different physical abilities there will be different movement proficiencies within your group of athletes that you coach. It’s important to identify these differences not only for the appropriate intensity but also to help prevent any injuries down the road.

Swimming is such a repetitive sport that it’s very important for your dryland training program to counteract these forces. Most coaches don’t know where to start with something more advanced like movement assessments in their dryland program. Even fewer know what to do with that information or how to adapt the program accordingly.

It’s ok if you are in that situation now, but you don’t have to stay that way! Become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC) and you’ll get every movement assessment, performance test and solutions template to quickly create the best dryland program for all of your swimmers.



#6 – Have More Confidence By Earning Your Dryland Training Certification

Much of your job as a coach is instilling confidence in your swimmers. But what about instilling confidence in yourself as a coach? Most coaches are very knowledge about techniques and training as it applies to the water. So when it comes to dryland many coaches simply wing it and hope for the best. This isn’t a sustainable strategy nor is it the beset way to serve your athletes.

As a coach it’s your responsibility to ensure your swimmers get the best program possible. Therefore, providing your athletes the chance to realize their true potential in this sport.

When you Become SSDC you’ll leave behind the burden that dryland training used to be. Instead dryland can be a strength of your program. Both your fellow coaches, swimmers and others around the program will notice.



Make a commitment to give your swimmers the best dryland program they’ve ever had this season. Be consistent and wait what results will await your team at the end of the season.

Open Enrollments to Become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified only last a few days so don’t delay! You’ll need to be subscribed to the SURGE Strength Newsletter to know the exact dates.

We hope to see you in the SURGE Strength Academy soon! There you can join with other coaches who chose to raise the standard of their dryland training program.







SURGE Strength - dryland training for swimming




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The goal of SURGE Strength is simple:



SURGE Strength - Dryland Training for Swimming

Courtesy of SwimSwam’s exclusive dryland training partner, SURGE Strength.

SURGE Strength, a strength training brand created by Chris Ritter, CEO of RITTER Sports Performance, aims to build better athletes and faster swimmers through dryland programs and educational courses.

Get started with a SURGE Strength Dryland Program or enroll in a dryland course in the SURGE Strength Academy today!

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