Another Individual At Post-Worlds Party in Budapest May Have Been Drugged

An individual involved at the 2022 FINA World Championships believes they may have been drugged at a post-meet afterparty after the competition concluded in Budapest.

The individual told SwimSwam they aren’t 100 percent sure they were drugged because they were not tested, but had similar symptoms to those of Canadian swimmer Mary-Sophie Harvey, who revealed she had been drugged on Wednesday.

The individual has requested anonymity.

According to the source, they attended an event hosted by former Hungarian swimmer David Verrazano at a bar called The Gigi’s in Budapest.  There was an official Instagram post made about the event, which also named Verraszto as a host.

The event was swimming centric, but was open to the public via an admission fee.

SwimSwam has reached out to both Evelyn and David Verraszto about the event.

The caption in the Instagram post advertising the event stated that it was a place to “meet and party together with multiple Olympic champions and Hungarian stars”. Admission was restricted for individuals over 18 years of age, and a fee was required for entry.

Multiple sources have told SwimSwam that this party was attended by both swimmers and non-swimmers.

While the sourced doesn’t know it for a fact that they were drugged, they said it it was likely the case given what Harvey had said, and because they didn’t think they drank that much prior to experiencing symptoms. Similar to Harvey, those symptoms included waking up after being unconscious, having multiple bruises, and needing to be carried by other people. The source said that all of their bruises were on one arm.

The source also said that at some point in the night, money that was on their person disappeared, but could not say what happened to it.

In an Instagram posts, Harvey spoke out about being completely unconscious for four to six hours after she was drugged, and posted pictures of numerous bruises that she received. Swimming Canada has told SwimSwam that they have been investigating the issue, and that a file on the situation has been filed to their independent SafeSport officer.

When asked about details regarding the alleged drugging incident, FINA told SwimSwam in a statement that they were in contact with Swimming Canada and the Local Organizing Committee.  FINA also brought up the fact that in 2021, they had adopted widespread measures aimed at protecting athletes, and that an Independent Investigation Officer will be assigned to investigate the matter further.

SwimSwam has since then asked FINA about what specific measures would be implemented in this particular drugging situation, and they responded by attaching their policy document on their rules on athlete protection from harassment and abuse.

FINA was not aware of what happened to Harvey until SwimSwam contacted them about it on Wednesday afternoon. They said that they have not heard any other reports about similar drugging incidents at this World Championships meet, or in 2017, when there was another FINA World Championships hosted in Budapest.

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