arena Diamonds Collection Celebrates Team Spirit

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arena launches its new Diamond collection later this month in a celebration of the power of Team Spirit, and a slogan that epitomizes the Italian swimwear company’s philosophy: Together We Shine Brighter. The collection – which will make its major international debut at the FINA World Championships in Budapest in June – is comprised of its trademark carbon fibre competition suits and racing equipment, a selection of its Icons line swimwear, and a capsule of poolside unisex athleisurewear.

Since its inception in 1973, the arena logo has been composed of three diamonds, the strongest, most resilient gem on earth. The word diamond derives from the Greek “adamas”, which means invincible, and in popular tradition, three diamonds together represent the past, present and future. Drawing inspiration from these origins, the collection symbolises the strength of the human spirit, the power to overcome difficult times, to be present in the moment, and to shine on in the future.

Photo: Mine Kasapoglu.

The Range: Powerskin Carbon Excellence

Headlining the performance category in the Diamond collection are the Powerskin Carbon Glide and Core FX racing suits.

The Carbon Glide is the most advanced, sophisticated racing suit arena has ever designed, giving the swimmer a sensational underwater glide and feeling of speed unlike any other suit. Covering the suit’s front and lower back, the ultralight, low-profile Hydroglide fabric is smooth to the touch, giving it incredible glide and speed, while also reducing drag and turbulence in critical zones. Covering the legs and lower torso, the similarly ultralight, low-drag Carbon Micro Cage has carbon fibres woven into the fabric in a tight grid-like pattern surrounding specific muscle groups, providing exceptional muscle support and improved body hold to enhance performance without restricting mobility. The result is added stroke power and stability with optimum durability, flexibility, and efficiency. The suit also employs a unique taping structure, with carbon strategically infused into the woven lining to activate major muscle groups, thereby enhancing the swimmer’s feeling of support and body hold.

Photo: Mine Kasapoglu.

The Carbon Core FX is the most compressive suit of the Powerskin racing range, providing a powerful locked-in feel along with exceptional core support. The Carbon Cage technology delivers a high level of durable compression across all areas of the body, and for these reasons is likely to appeal to sprinters for its high level of compression and range of motion.

The Core FX features a Twin Taping structure on the back of the legs of both women’s suits and men’s jammers, providing a lifting effect on the legs that helps the swimmer to hold a high body position even when fatigued, giving maximum hip height in the water. In addition, the internal carbon fibre-infused lining on the women’s suit has been extended up the side of the suit with an incision just below the chest, providing multiple benefits: maximum compression and locked-in feel through the legs and torso; an additional, evenly-distributed pressure profile across the body; further improvement of core stability for an enhanced body position in the water with lower form drag; and improved upper body mobility, without compromising overall compression and support.

The Powerskin Carbon Glide and Carbon Core FX Diamond suits are available in women’s open and closed back versions, and men’s jammers. Its design features graphic blue lines on black, symbolically depicting the facets of the diamond, and also the refraction of light in water.

The Range: Classic Icons Swimwear

The Diamond collection welcomes arena‘s classic retro style Icons designs with two high cut women’s suits – one in challenge back, the other in super fly back – and three men’s versions: jammer, low cut shorts, and briefs. All are edged in blue on the waist band, hems amd women’s straps with graphic white lines on black, symbolically depicting the facets of the diamond, and the refraction of light in water. Blue Icons diamonds on white background line the side of the men’s suits and hips on the women’s suits. The collection is rounded out with black unisex bermudas with blue hem and Icons diamonds on white background down the side of the legs.

All suits are made of 100% polyester with front lining, while the bermudas are created from recycled polyester and elastane.

The Range: Sleek Athleisurewear

Classic black unisex wear comes in a 100% cotton jersey slim-fit T-shirt with graphic lined white diamonds on the front, and blue-on-white Icons diamonds on the sleeve; unbrushed baby fleece regular-fit hooded sweatshirt with graphic lined white diamonds on the front and blue-on-white Icons diamonds on the sleeve cuff; knitted polyester slim-fit team jacket with blue neck and cuff edges,  graphic lined white diamonds on the front and blue-on-white Icons diamonds on the sleeve; and knitted polyester tapered-fit team pants with blue-on-white Icons diamonds down the side of the legs.

Photo: Mine Kasapoglu.

The Range: Hi-Performance Equipment

Rounding out the Diamonds collection are three hi-end racing goggles and swim cap.

All three goggles have mirrored lenses with blue rims, along with the best antifog technology available, reactivated with a simple swipe of the finger to last 10 times longer. The Cobra Ultra Swipe Mirror are the most advanced arena racing goggles with temples for maximum stability and an iconic hydrodynamic design, while the Cobra Core Swipe Mirror offers wide vision and maximum comfort at top speed, and the Cobra Core Swipe Mirror is a revamp of the classic Cobra design.

Photo: Mine Kasapoglu.

The smooth, soft and comfortable Diamonds Silicone Cap has a flat mould for improved stability and fit, and features graphic lined diamonds in black-on-white, black-on-black, and blue-on-black.

The Diamonds collection will be available through the arena’s e-commerce channels starting from May 26th and in the best sporting goods stores.

arena has revolutionized the world of aquatic sport through insightful collaboration with world class athletes and the development of cutting edge competitive swimwear since 1973. Today, this spirit of collaboration and innovation lives on through a continuous evolution of advanced materials and Italian design that improves the performance, style and expression of all those who chose arena. From leading the lanes to living in style, arena is dedicated to providing all swimmers with the tools they need to express themselves, feel confident, win and achieve more.

Photo: Mine Kasapoglu.

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