arena Swim of the Week: Six High School Juniors Break 1:46 In 200 Fly At NCSAs

By James Sutherland on SwimSwam

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We only have to go back five years to find a time when the fastest high school junior in the country in the boys’ 200 butterfly had a time of 1:45.

Swimmers have gotten exceedingly quicker in the event in recent years, with names such as Luca Urlando (1:40.91) and Aiden Hayes (1:41.34) putting up incredibly fast times in their junior years, but still, boys in the 16-17 age range don’t go 1:45 all that often. But last week at the NCSA Spring Championships six of them did it in the same heat.

Rockville Montgomery’s Adriano Arioti, 16, led the way in 1:43.40, dropping over a second off his previous best time of 1:44.72. He was followed by fellow high school juniors Kyle PeckLogan RobinsonMatt MarsteinerDiego Balbi and Rian Graham, all of whom went 1:45-point and set personal best times.

Another junior, Poseidon Swimming’s Joshua Fisher, was just shy of cracking the 1:46 barrier in 1:46-flat.

2023 NCSA Spring Championship Final

Adriano Arioti (Rockville Montgomery) – 1:43.40
Kyle Peck (Stingrays Swim Team) – 1:45.11
Logan Robinson (Greater Pensacola) – 1:45.20
Matt Marsteiner (New Wave) – 1:45.29
Diego Balbi (Saint Andrew’s Aquatics) – 1:45.36
Toby Barnett (Rockville Montgomery) – 1:45.85*
Rian Graham (Machine Aquatics) – 1:45.96
Joshua Fisher (Poseidon Swimming) – 1:46.00

*HS senior


These performances only bolster the boys’ high school class of 2024’s strength in the 200 fly, which also includes the likes of Cooper Lucas (1:43.44), Drew Hitchcock (1:43.26), Dean Jones (1:46.96) and Chase Swearingen (1:47.92).

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