Breathe A Sigh of Relief With Summer League Swimming’s Comprehensive Insurance

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Working with summer league swimmers can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but there are also inherent risks involved that generally fly under the radar.

Put your mind at ease with the Summer League Swimming (SLS) comprehensive insurance program, which includes everything from general liability and excess accident protection, sexual abuse and molestation coverage, as well as defense against false sexual abuse and molestation claims.

As a seasonal sport with many volunteers, the risks involved with summer league swimming may not be apparent. That’s why SLS has put together an insurance program that benefits not only swim league members and participants, but also coaches, volunteers, officials, and staff.

What Our Insurance Program Covers

Our comprehensive insurance coverage includes general liability and excess accident protection, sexual abuse and molestation coverage, as well as defense against false sexual abuse and molestation claims.

Millions of children participate in summer league swimming programs each summer. Many volunteers give countless hours coaching, coordinating and hosting swim meets. While competitive swimming is admirable and coaching is a noble pursuit, there are inherent risks involved in any athletic endeavor whether you are participating as an athlete, coach, volunteer or coordinator.

The SLS insurance program is comprehensive in nature and provides protection for athletes while participating in practices and competition and for coaches while providing instruction.

SLS Keeps Swimming Safer

While our extensive background checks will help minimize the risks involved with summer league, no one can guarantee 100 percent that an incident will not occur.

It’s also important to recognize that after thorough investigation, not all reported incidents turn out to be true.

Our insurance programs are offered in order to protect the personal liability of league officials, volunteers and coaches if an incident occurs, so that only proven guilty perpetrators are rightfully subject to criminal or civil liabilities.

For those who subscribe to our sexual abuse insurance policies, we further support our member organizations with corresponding crisis communications plans and consulting services to help manage through such scenarios we all hope never to face.

Learn More About Our Comprehensive Insurance Program Here

Between our Coach Certification Course, advanced-level Background Checks and Comprehensive Insurance, Summer League Swimming has all of your bases covered in order to run a safer summer league.


Reach out to Summer League Swimming and let’s discuss what you need to start or rescue a swimming league/team—no matter where in the United States you’re located. Contact us today.


About Summer League Swimming

Summer League Swimming is the only organization with a comprehensive youth protection program to serve 3-4 million summer league and recreational swimmers, and our decades of experience provides unmatched quality.

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