Daily Swim Coach Workout #640

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Workout Context

Purpose:  Taper
Target age group:  13-14 years old, 15-18 years old
Target level:  National/ Collegiate Level, Senior Age Group/ High School State Level, Age Group (Advanced)
Weeks until target meet:  1 weeks
Team Location:  United States
Course:  25 Yards
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The Workout

RSD National/Champ
Thursday [4/28/22]
PPP [2 Lgs/6-7 CIF prelims/9 CIF Finals]
Believe in Yourself and your Teammates!
Trust your Training and PPP!
Other 21 Hours: What is your Process?!

6×100 Choice, Smooth, wwyu on Desc Int

12×50 Kick, Choice, o=g1 or 2 e=G5 (cif prelim taper as 2g1/1 b g4 to 5) (Allie: 9, 2g1-1 build to fast) all @1:00

Pull 4x
        150 fr breath 5 @2:10, flow
        50 ch build g4-5 @1:00
        [lg: 2x/ prelim: 3x]

sox feet
5×50 HVO ch @1:15
sox off
10×50 o=mod e=alt b to PP/PP ch @1:00
[lg: 6, prelim 8]

sox hands
5×50 HVO ch @1:15
sox off
10×50 same (same modifications)@1:00

[100 form free, 3 dolph min ea wall @1:30, PUT ON finz and RACE last 25 ch @:45]
[lg do 2 rounds, then dive bursts and washout]
[Cif prelims: 4x, then 1xbroken swim with lots of rest, set up for SUCCESS]

4×50 mod med rebuild

1xbroken swim of a CIF event

100 rebuild
relay exchanges

wd 4×75

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