Daily Swim Coach Workout #739

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Workout Context

Purpose:  Capacity (Base) Building
Target age group:  13-14 years old, 15-18 years old, 19-22 years old
Target level:  Age Group (Advanced), Senior Age Group/ High School State Level, National/ Collegiate Level
Weeks until target meet: 
Team Location:  United States
Course:  25 Meters
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The Workout

RSD National/Champ
Wednesday [5/11/22]
State Meet: Process/Connect to Joy of racing/Support each other/communicate w me, there to help!
Process: NOW is time to lay strong foundation and commitment to goal outcomes!

300 (100fr/50bk/100fr/50br) all DPC
200 IM sc/dr
100 free drop breath by 25 4-3-2-1
6×25 buoy @ ankle core connect/power catch:35
6×25 knuckle paddle Power Catch @:35 fr/ch

    3×50 kick g1 best form ch
    100 free flow g2
    3×50 pull g1 best form
    100 fr flow g2
    1×50 swim build g3 to g4
    1×50 sw rebuild
    1×50 at PP
    1×50 rebuild
starts/turns/pace work/ bursts as needed
5×100 flow washout best form @1:40

Non Taper
8×50 kick [4 board/snork, 4 ch no board @1:00]
Finz 2x
        2×200 k/sw by 25 @2:40/2:50
        6×50 [2k ez/4 U/O o=moderate [email protected]:10]

    4×25 scull prime
    4×25 drill prime
    4×100 swim Des 1-4 to max effort pr/fr by 25
    @:45/:40/1:40,1:45,1:50 depending stroke
pull 6×75 fr [breath: [email protected] 5-4-3,4-3-2,3-2-1]@1:20

6×150 migrate fast 50 x2, fast 50 prim, the rest free @2:10/2:20

long wd with time

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