Daily Swim Coach Workout #852

SwimSwam’s daily swimming workout series is a collection of workouts written by coaches from a variety of backgrounds. All daily swimming workouts have been written using Commit Swimming. The workouts themselves are not indicative of SwimSwam’s or Commit’s views on training. They strictly reflect the opinions of the author swim coach.

Workout Context

Purpose:  Capacity (Base) Building
Target age group:  19-22 years old
Target level:  National/ Collegiate Level
Weeks until target meet:  10 weeks
Team Location:  United States
Course:  25 Yards
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The Workout

6×200                O – Paddlehead, E – Tennessee Turns/Tumbles
4×100                IM O – Kick, E – Swim (Everybody does x-over Turns)
12×25 @ :30         Midpool Turns (Min. 6 x-over Turns)

3x Pre-Set Kick Set
    4×25 @ :30                    Side K [ BR = K w/ Buoy ]
    4×50 @ 1:00/:50[:55:45]     1 at faster int., 1 at slower int.
1x IM Main Set (Janet Evans Special)
    1×150 @ rest 0:20        Paddle Swim – 75 of Weakest Stroke
    1×350 @ rest 0:40        Paddle Swim – 50 of strongest stroke, 100 every other
    1×800 @ rest 0:60        No Equipment IM
    1×650 @ rest 0:50        200 of your weakest stroke, 150 every other
    1×400 @ rest 0:30        Fin Swim IM
    1×250 @ rest 0:20        Fin Swim IM – 100 of weakest stroke
    [ Most important things to think about: Keeping your UWK count, Clean Turns (XOver turns NOT optional), no SA Fly Pulls, just make sure you do each of these swims crisp. ]
20×25    O – Side Flutter, E – DOAB

“Do not let what you can not do interfere with what you can do.” – John Wooden

Coach Notes

The swim coach was asked to define any shorthand he or she used in this workout. Their notes should provide some additional context to this swimming workout.

Paddlehead – Swim with the pressure of the water holding the paddle to the top of your head.
Tennessee Turn/Tumble – Fully submerged turn – Encourages tight tucks and efficient turns

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