Margo Geer Foreshadowed Love of Coaching, Team & Alabama’s Pool on Champion’s Mojo

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Every year after NCAA action ends I slip into a mini-depression coming down off such an exciting time of year for swim fans. I was buoyed up by returning to listen to some evergreen podcast interviews with ten 2022 NCAA Top 20 coaches, which Champion’s Mojo has recorded over the last few years. These give insights into these coaches and their programs.

After the success of Alabama’s teams in particular, I was excited to listen to the interview we had with new Head Coach Margo Geer. After listening to her podcast episode again, it became clear to me why her teams did so well this year, what a passion she has for coaching, doing things for others, and how her rich experience and tough mindset as a swimmer has formed her coaching style.

Here’s are ten coaches whose interviews on Champion’s Mojo, are definitely worth listening to for a second time, or if you missed them the first time, here they are:

In order of combined 2022 NCAA team finish rating (low score is better)*

1) LISTEN TO BRADEN HOLLOWAY:  NC STATE TEAM RATING 4.5  NC State tied the highest of any combined gender team with a 5th place finish in the women and 4th in the men. Braden’s episode is titled, “Winning Authentically”.

1) LISTEN TO TERI MCKEEVER: U CAL, BERKELEY TEAM RATING 4.5  CAL finished 1st in the men and 8th in the women. Teri’s episode is titled “Exploiting Your Strengths”

3) LISTEN TO GREG MEEHAN:   STANFORD TEAM RATING 5.0 Stanford women were 3rd and the men were 7th. Greg’s episode is titled, “Confidence Can be Built.”

4) LISTEN TO TODD DESORBO:  UVA TEAM RATING 5.5  VIRGINIA finished 1st in the women’s and 10th in the men’s. Todd’s episode is titled, “Relentless Effort”

5) LISTEN TO RAY LOOZE:  INDIANA TEAM RATING 8  Indiana finished 11th in the women’s and 5th in the men’s. Ray’s episode is titled,”Unfinished Business.”

6) LISTEN TO MARGO GEER: ALABAMA TEAM RATING 9 Alabama finished 4th in the women’s and 14th in the men’s. Margo’s episode is titled,”Comeback Champion.”

6) LISTEN TO ARTHUR ALBIERO: LOUISVILLE TEAM RATING 9 Louisville finished 6th in the women’s and 12th in the men’s. Arthurs’s episode is titled,”Winning Perspective.”

8) LISTEN TO JACK BAUERLE GEORGIA TEAM RATING 11.5 Georgia finished 8th in the women’s and 15th in the men’s. Jack’s episode is titled,”Nice Guys Finish First.”

9) LISTEN TO BOB BOWMAN: ASU TEAM RATING 15.5 Arizona State finished 25th in the women’s and 6th in the men’s. Bob’s episode is titled,”Inevitable Success.”

10) LISTEN TO SERGIO LOPEZ MIRO VIRGINIA TECH TEAM RATING 16.5 Virginia Tech finished 22nd in the women’s and 11th in the men’s. Sergio’s episode is titled,”Wisdom From Swimming’s Yoda.”

*Combined team rating is calculated by adding the men’s team finish and the women’s team finish and dividing that score by 2 to get the combined team rating. Texas (team rating of 2), Florida (Team rating of 8.5) Ohio State (team rating of 9) and Tennessee (team rating of 14) are the only teams in the 2022 Top-20 whose coaches have not been interviewed on Champion’s Mojo.


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