Paperless Swim Meets. Run your swim meets with an app!

Courtesy of Swimmingly, a SwimSwam partner.

The sport of swimming has operated the same exact way since time immemorial, since 1968, for over 50 years. Because of the current available options, each step of the swim meet process is disconnected from the next and intimidating to new families in the sport.


Swimmingly® provides the first-ever end-to-end platform that educates, informs, and entertains everyone, making innovation possible in the sport for the modern age.

Manage your team’s season all in one place!

The only interactive home on the internet for swim meets
Cloud-based: Access your team, on-demand anytime, anywhere
Club registration, meet declarations, manage your club, meet schedule, entries, heat sheets, reports & more!

With the Swimmingly® APP, you can Start, Time, Officiate, Judge, and Score any swim meet, on-demand, with an app, using the devices in each volunteer’s pocket!

Shorter swim meets
Fewer volunteers needed
No paper
Simplifies and standardized swim meets

Bring the FANS into the swim meet experience with SwimminglyFan!

Real-time Results
Push Notifications
Live Scoring
Event Tracker

Are you looking for ways to make the swim meet experience more enjoyable for EVERYONE involved? Join HUNDREDS of summer leagues across the country!

Schedule a demo today!

About Swimmingly: Swimmingly® is an easy-to-use app and platform that makes swim meets simple and fun for everyone. If you are looking to run FASTER SWIM MEETS with FEWER VOLUNTEERS and NO PAPER, Swimmingly® is for you. Join the new home of virtual swim meets!

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