Summer League Swimming: Immerse Yourself In Quality Coach Training

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Great swimming starts with a great coach. At Summer League Swimming (SLS), we’re committed to developing knowledgeable, confident, and skilled coaches-so you know your coaches and swimmers are set up for success.

Just as swimmers can grow and develop their skills, so can their coaches. Enter the Summer League Coach Certification Course.

The course is tailored specifically to summer league swim coaches. Designed by the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), we’ve added a splash of summer league to the course to implement the best practices used by summer league coaches and swim teams.

The program is administered by SLS and is based on PCA’s Double-Goal Coach® online curriculum.

Summer League Swimming Double-Goal Coaches help swimmers enjoy and excel at swimming, help them become the best teammates they can be, and help them reach the pinnacle of sportsmanship by Honoring the Game.

A Double-Goal Coach has two goals: to win, but more importantly, to teach life lessons through sports.

When your coaches complete and pass the Summer League Swimming Coach Certification Course, they gain the tools needed to coach from a place of positivity, confident mentorship, and true leadership. The skills your coaches will learn from our course will serve them both on the deck and for the rest of their lives.

What Coaches Are Saying

“I really enjoyed the coaching certification course. The coaching strategies I learned put words to some of the hopes I’ve had for my team and gave me practical ways to apply them. I think this course will help refocus the culture of summer league and help us give our kids a great, fulfilling swimming experience.”

-Meagan O.

“It was great and I understand coaches a lot better now. This improved my confidence in dealing with parents. It was a great course. Very easy to understand and it was laid out in a perfect way. The material was very easy to grasp and I learned a lot from it and I will be able to grow into a good coach because of it.”

-Certified Coach

“The course is geared to help coaches become better coaches for the swimmers, but I believe that it also helped the athlete part of me as well to see some of the things that my previous coaches have gone through and to see it from their perspective. The lessons were simple and easy to comprehend. Very well organized.”

-Certified Coach

Upon completion of the course, coaches will:

Identify the attributes of a Double-Goal Coach.
Describe methods to help youth bounce back from mistakes.
Describe methods to focus on effort over outcomes.
Describe methods to help athletes work as a team.
Identify methods to increase the ability to help youth take life lessons from sports.
Identify tools to provide a more positive experience for athletes and their families.

It is the goal of Summer League Swimming to introduce youth from the ages of 5-18 years to the sport of swimming by providing fun, safe, and healthy environments.

By partnering with the PCA, we’re offering training for coaches to enhance their skills in leading their leagues and teams, as well as demonstrating leadership in their daily lives.

Learn More About Our Coach Certification Program Here

Between SLS’s unmatched summer league swimming coach certification course and comprehensive background checks, you can be confident your swimmers are being led by the best qualified coaches in your area.

Are You Starting A Summer League?

Reach out to Summer League Swimming and let’s discuss what you need to start or rescue a swimming league/team—no matter where in the United States you’re located. Contact us today.


About Summer League Swimming

Summer League Swimming is the only organization with a comprehensive youth protection program to serve 3-4 million summer league and recreational swimmers, and our decades of experience provides unmatched quality.

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