Summer League Swimming Mitigates Risk For A Safer Experience

Courtesy of Summer League Swimming, a SwimSwam partner.

There are countless benefits to getting your child involved in summer league swimming, but there are also some hidden dangers that often go undetected and can prove to be both dangerous and costly.

While competitive swimming is admirable and coaching is a noble pursuit, there are inherent risks involved in any athletic endeavor.

That’s why at Summer League Swimming (SLS), we offer comprehensive insurance coverage that protects everyone, from swimmers and parents to coaches, volunteers and officials.

SLS insurance includes protection against sexual abuse and molestation claims, as well as defense against false claims that can have life-changing ramifications for young coaches.

The SLS program also protects swimmers from abuse, ensuring they’re covered for a safer summer, while possibly working closely alongside adults they might not know very well.

Without insurance, it can be a very difficult and costly ordeal to work through the legal process if either a swimmer or coach were to become involved in a sexual abuse or molestation incident.

Furthermore, it can be an uphill battle to defend against false claims that can have life-changing ramifications for innocent coaches in their career, education and life in general.

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SLS insurance mitigates risk as much as possible, ensuring a safer environment so everyone can enjoy all of the benefits that come along with swimming in the summer.

With our insurance program, extensive Coach Certification Course and advanced-level Background Checks, SLS has all of your bases covered in order to run a safer summer league.


Reach out to Summer League Swimming and let’s discuss what you need to start or rescue a swimming league/team—no matter where in the United States you’re located. Contact us today.


About Summer League Swimming

Summer League Swimming is the only organization with a comprehensive youth protection program to serve 3-4 million summer league and recreational swimmers, and our decades of experience provides unmatched quality.

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