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Dearest Reader,

It has come to This Author’s attention that we are to begin the most interesting of seasons. After the conclusion of last year’s summer season ending with a bang, the Olympics of course, it may be hard to top it this year. But, have no fear, the ton will be seeing some very excellent swimming.

We have just beheld the long course opener in none other than the home of the Alamo. There, we saw an interesting occurrence when the first place finisher in the 400 meter individual medley, Lord Marchand, was disqualified for none other than the Lord Lochte Rule. To further add to the scandal, the disqualification was reversed the very next morning. Fascinating indeed.

Lady Ledecky decided to depart from her usual solely distance schedule of events for the weekend, swimming nothing longer than 400 meters. I cannot say that I blame her for this decision. After all, those distance events seem truly tiring indeed.

Perhaps one of the most impressive showings at this pro series would be that of little Lady Curzan. At a young 17 years of age, not only did she win two events within ten minutes of each other, she won a grand total of four events.

As we move on into a season surely full of fast swimming, I know the ton will be abuzz with all the news. I can assure you, I will have my pen ready to report it all.

Yours Truly,

Lady Whistedown

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