Swimming in Australia (A Playful Poem)

Courtesy: Michael O. Zahn

Swimming in Australia
(A Playful Poem)

by Michael O.  Zahn

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The ocean longs to touch me

Down Under

I welcome its caress

Down Under

Each wave’s more intense

Down Under

Medleys end with moans

Down Under

A relay’s always steamy

with Adelaide and Sydney.

I adore it when they crawl to me,

then sidestroke, 

then breaststroke, 

then backstroke,

in amorous variety.

I melt when we are in the groove — 

Our bodies heave

 in butterfly moves

Swimming in Australia’s so arousing — 

I hardly Canberra it!


Michael O. Zahn, a former Milwaukee newspaper reporter, lives in Central Florida. His poems about swimming have been published in numerous venues, both print and electronic.

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