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Champion peasant; Jael Morales triumphs in mountain athletics

Champion peasant


When soccer was the daily life of Jael Morales, an illness got in the way. Hepatitis interrupted the dreams of the young athlete, who, at age 20, was kicking a ball; then, the condition led her to explore mountain athletics.

On December 8, 2016 he participated in his first race; He did it without training and, to his surprise, ended up crossing the finish line first.

Before entering the world of athletics, Jael was a forward for a women’s soccer team. He discovered a taste for playing with men, as he identified with the rudeness that was exercised in the game.

His character was forged on the soccer fields and it was then that he also dressed as a referee, under the influence of his stepfather, who was also a Nazarene. β€œIn high school I was a referee for two years, thanks to my mother’s partner, because he is an amateur referee and one day he needed an assistant because the one assigned was not going to arrive, and that’s how I started in an amateur final; the players looked at me strangely because there were no female referees. “

He also received the advice and support of Miguel Archundia, brother of the renowned Mexican referee Armando Archundia, now retired. “He saw me, told me I had talent and invited me to train at his refereeing school … that’s what I was doing when I got hepatitis and I opted for athletics,” he said.

Morales is rooted in the Oaxacan land; his late grandfather left fields, which currently represent his source of employment and inspiration. Due to the pandemic, for Jael taking refuge in Oaxaca served as a catharsis to strengthen himself mentally, to the point that he decided to start a business.

The Oaxacan won first place in the Tepec Trail 2021, final of the Golden Trail National Series Mexico, which was held in Huasca de Ocampo, Hidalgo, with which she became the absolute champion of this circuit by winning the three selective dates. Next October he will travel to Europe to play the international final.

In Mexico he ran first in Cerro Rojo, Puebla (1st place / 50 km); the second, in Mineral del Chico, Hidalgo (1st place / 35 km), and the end of the Tepec Trail in Huasca de Ocampo, Hidalgo (1st place, 40 km).

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