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The German Athletics Association (DLV) nominated 65 athletes for the U23 European Championships in 2021 in the Estonian capital last week. Among them are Mohamed Mohumed, Elias Schreml, Lilly Kaden, Branda Cataria-Byll, Linn Lara Kleine (all LG Olympia Dortmund), Keshia Beverly Kwadwo (LC Paderborn), Anne Berger and Hanna Meinikmann (TV Wattenscheid) eight athletes from Westphalia .

Many of them had fought for their tickets to Tallinn the previous weekend at the U23-DM in Koblenz with new best performances – on Tuesday (July 5th) they started the trip to Estonia, which should now bring the next step in performance.

The prospect of the international podium is definitely an additional motivation. 16 of the talents in the DLV line-up have already collected international medals in competitions from U18 to U23. 14 of them are in the top five in the final entries, the final entry lists for the U23 European Championship. And five athletes with placements in the top three of Europe travel to Estonia as candidates for medals.

The most promising DLV starters of the U23 European Championship have Tokyo and Tallinn in their sights this year. Mohamed Mohumed (LG Olympia Dortmund) can also plan two-pronged over 5,000 meters after his increase in Lucerne to 13: 17.04 minutes. In Tallinn he is number one on the entry list and is one of the favorites for the title, in Tokyo he has nothing to lose as a newcomer.

As a member of the German 4x100m relay, which competes as the defending champion, the two Westphalian sprinters Lilly Kaden and Keshia Berverly Kwadwo also have a chance of winning precious metal. An outstanding result like two years earlier in Gävle (Sweden) with 21 medals and first place in the medal table and in the nation standings is out of reach – the starting position is too different. But maybe some talents will succeed in the performance explosion at the right time.

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